About us

I just wanted to give everyone some background why i started this site, I am a webmaster and website designer and host my own webhost company and because of this i would like to offer a free online memorial site for those who lost a loved one because i have the resources to do so and for giving back some of the help i received,
Losing a love one can be the most difficult times one can have in their life, I remember when my mother died, way back in ’88 and dealing with grief and all the emotions that goes with it. I put a memorial ad in the paper but as appalled why people cashed in on other peoples grief because for an ad for 1 week cost a fortune. Years later I discovered the internet and I decided to start my own memorial website, Voices from heaven, so that anyone can create their own memorial for their loved one, add condolences, upload their photo , and it’s all free, just register for free then you can add as many memorials as you wish, also feel free to light a candle for a loved one and have as many memorials as you wish. and if you have any idea’s for the site then please let me know,
my email is mail@voicesfromheaven.org.uk
Voices from heaven service is free. Adding a dedication to your loved one is very straightforward, just add a memorial for your loved one, write a memorial and even upload a picture too, it’s that easy and it’s free too.